Indeed; [being a professional swimmer] is a path Haruka never would have chosen on his own. But despite claims that he doesn’t care about winning or losing or scoring certain times, he’s always been attentive to Rin’s presence. So I believe there were signs, deep down, that he would choose this path for his future.
—Utsumi Hiroko, Spoon, reminding people who think it was ~~~soooo OOC and UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!~~~ for Haru to choose professional swimming that we saw it coming from day one you idiots. (via fencer-x)
What it all boiled down to, basically, was that Haruka was Rin’s ideal. Without some image in his mind, just recklessly throwing himself into training and trying to improve his times, he’d never be able to swim faster. So the image Rin kept fixed firmly in his mind—was Haruka.
High Speed!; reminding us that Haru has always, always been this ideal that Rin strives for, something he needs there in front of him, just being Haru, that he can look at and go yeah, that’s how I’d like to be able to swim—and it really truly helps him. (via fencer-x)
» Thinking about how Haruka will handle post-race interviews like (Harurin Version thanks to tags by Hinalilly and ignoremesenpai):
Interviewer: What do you think was the motivating factor for your win in today's race?
Haruka: I could feel Rin's energy in the adjacent lane. We were connected through the water and it made my body heat up and stimulated me to swim faster...
Rin: (Waiting for his own interview. Chokes and falls dead into the pool.)


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Rin and Haru nearly tie in pretty much every race against each other and they both have about an equal amount of wins under their belts because they’re so evenly matched. Once they go pro, people start to notice this trend and they gain quite a fan following because their races are exciting to watch.

…They also gain a super cheesy nickname, like “the twin shooting stars of Japan!” or something along those lines. Rin is embarrassed as hell about it, but secretly enjoys it whenever he hears someone using it. Haru likes the nickname, but mostly because he loves using it to tease Rin. 

Parting gift in the cherry blossoms’ pool


桜プールに餞(はなむけ)を by くまさか
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無題 by MSK


Various places from Haru’s memory montage.


These children, I swear…


Art by こんぶ
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Close up of Haru’s cute smiling face from the Spoon 2di cover!

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